Parents and grandparents Super Visa

A super visa is a visa granted to permanent resident’s and Canadian citizen’s parents and grandparents that allow them to visit their Children/grandchildren in Canada for up to two years at a time. It is a multi-entry visa provides multiple entries for a period up to ten years.


As a permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen, to be eligible to invite your parents/grandparents to visit you in Canada, you must fulfil number of requirements:


You need to sign an invitation letter by which you promise Immigration Canada that you will be responsible of your parents financially during their stay with you in Canada. With this regard, you must show that you are meeting the minimum necessary income.


Purchase a medical insurance policy from a Canadian insurance supplier that covers your parents for at least 1 year with coverage of CAD 100,000.00.

However, your Parents need to undergo medical examination to proof their medical admissibility to Canada.


Indeed, Ties to home country, the purpose of travel, and the overall economic and political stability of your parents/grandparents’ home country are all factors that play roles in the decision of the officer in case of super visa application.

The table below demonstrates the required annual income of the Canadian son/Daughter based on his/her family size


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