Temporary resident Visa

Travellers to Canada from most nationalities require to apply for a temporary resident visa or an electronic travel authorization (ETA).

Temporary resident visa is the official document that usually issued by Immigration, refugee, and citizenship Canada to be stuck on the traveller passport by the Canadian mission abroad to allow him/her boarding the transportation and cross any Canadian borders. It is a limited time allowance granted to a traveller to come and stay temporarily in Canada whether he/she is a visitor/tourist, a student, or a temporary worker.


Most visitor can stay in Canada for up to 6 months, this called the “status” of a temporary resident on the Canadian territories. In other word, the traveller receives a status by the immigration officer for a specific period even if his visa validity is valid for many years. For this end, Visitors who wish to stay longer most apply for a visa extension or restoration of status in some cases.

Many points are taken into consideration when Immigration refugee and citizenship Canada officer studying a temporary resident visa application. The officer needs to make sure that the travel is genuine. Therefore, he would investigate the purpose of travel, the traveler financial ability to cover his stay in Canada, his travel history, his ties to Canada and his home country or country of residency, and many other factors depends on the case.


In most cases travellers to Canada are required to be examined at the time they crossing the Canadian borders by an immigration officer who have the power and authority by law to admit them to the country or deny their entries. Although they hold any type of visa, the officer reserves the right to prevent them from entering Canada in case he finds out that the visa holder is inadmissible for any reason.

Whenever you would like to apply for a temporary visitor visa, you can retain us to represent you before Immigration refugee and citizen Canada. This way you can have a peace of mind that your application is accurate and complete to avoid any refusal resulted by wrong submission. Also, when hiring us we can advocate you to clarify your position to the officer and show how genuine you are as a visitor by providing all the required supporting documents.

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