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Immigration law is broader than you think. We are licensed expert immigration and citizenship consultants specialized in Immigration & refugee protection Act of Canada

Whatever your case looks complicated to you, remember we've been always in your situation and we know how to perfectly handle it 


Allow us to find the best solution for your and help you success your immigration case. 

Member in a good standing of ICCRC 

   Membership # R531957

We are a regulated immigration firm, licensed by the immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council. We have our team of experts who are dedicated to help you in all matters related to your Canadian immigration, as well as representing you before all the Canadian missions around the world such as; the immigration and refugee board (IRB),  the appeal tribunals, and all the immigration authorities inside and outside Canada.   ​

We are a medium-sized firm with a large client base. Over 10 years of work experience in the immigration field. During this period, our team of experts and knowledgeable consultants have gained wide expertise in several immigration aspects, the thing which has helped us facilitate the complex immigration process to our numeral clients who has succeeded making their dreams of immigration to Canada come true, by providing them with the most accurate Immigration advice and guidance when they used our exceptional services. 


Ramigration team is proudly managed by our director Mr. Rami Khattouf, RCIC, who is a Canadian immigration expert, a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, and a member in a good standing of Immigration of Canada regulatory council (ICCRC). ​

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