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Confused !? .. Don't be ... 

A one to one immigration consultation session with licensed Canadian immigration professional  is one of the best ways to start your immigration project. Whatever the immigration program you are applying under or even if you simply don't know what is the most suitable solution for your case. This applies to all immigration cases whether you are outside Canada and looking to move here temporarily or permanently or even if you are in Canada and seeking a status change. 

We credit back our consultation fees

Because every immigration case is different and needs thoughtful evaluation of a particular matter by the immigration consultant, we highly recommend that you book your private consultation session with a qualified immigration professional, and the greatest thing here is that the fees of our  Initial Consultation will be credited back towards the professional fees when you retain us to be your representatives on your immigration matters.

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80 King Street, Suite 10

Welland, ON  L3B 3J2


Tel:   +1 (647) 558 0705

Fax: +1 (647) 930 1659